Designated ‘the heart of the Amalfi Coast', Praiano is one of the most tranquil towns of the Amalfi Coast. Strategically, it is in an absolutely magnificent location for tourism.

From Praiano, it is easy to reach the most renowned locations of the entire Coast without the usual problems of the more famous tourist sites of the area.

There are no crowds here. No line-ups and no need to do without for your budget's sake.

In fact , Praiano is still a little town of human proportions where everything is still genuinely typical and affordable.

Geographically, the town overlooks the sea and one of the most beautiful vistas in the world.

Set in luxurious Mediterranean bush, dotted with classic local hanging gardens and clinging to the Gulf of Salerno, the town overlooks vistas of promontories, paths and trekking trails that take in, in a single glance, the Faraglioni rocks of Capri, the spectacle of the town of Positano and locations such as Furore, famous for its wines and Agerola, known for its dairy products which overlook Praiano from the mountains and overhanging rocks.

As far as history, tradition and culture are concerned, Praiano can hold its own with any other town in the area.

It is the seat of an important annual folk music festival, several important and well known cultural manifestations; for example, La Luminaria di San Domenico (a festival of lights).

It boasts several mystical locations, ideal for immerging in nature, meditation and the pursuit of beauty.

It is not by chance that Praiano has always been the chosen residence of artists, mystics and creative persons who have come here to found monasteries and religious sites that can still be visited today.

Artistically, Praiano conserves little jewels of art,such as the Convent of Santa Maria a Castro which is situated along the Path of the Gods, two Norman- age towers, churches, votive shrines and itineraries where one can admire the ceramic arts of the area and Mediterranean architecture in all its splendor.

Most importantly, Praiano still conserves the authentic spirit and lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast. Here nothing is ‘typically authentic' if it isn't made by hand, and by the residents.

The cuisine follows an explicit choice to use only produce that is locally grown according to strict biological principles and seafood fished from the area using methods known only to the old fishermen who populate the ancient marine village of ‘ La Praia'.

In Praiano it is still possible to enjoy recipes like cuttle-fish and potatoes (the town is well known for both of the ingredients) and enjoy lemons and oranges that still taste the way they are supposed to.

The restaurants in Praiano are well known by the inhabitants of the entire region for their traditional cuisine (explaining why there are always ‘locals' and not just tourists in our restaurants).

It is not just at the table that Praiano shines.

A walk through the little streets of town will reveal shops selling hand-made products - from ceramics to musical instruments, from linen shirts and dresses to limoncello, from jewellery to fruit .

As far as beach and night life are concerned, some of the most famous night clubs of the Coast are located here ( L'Africana was frequented by Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Nuryev and many of the rich and famous).

The beach at the Praia is among the few on the Coast that offer a diving centre, windsurfing school and assistance with most other water sports.

Come to visit us and see for yourself the effect that Praiano and its authentic lifestyle can have on your body, your soul, and your spirit.


Picures from Praiano