How do I know if the property that interests me is available?
1. Choose the property that interests you from our web site. 2. Click on "Check now" , found at the bottom of the page containing the detailed description of the property that interests you. 3. Verify the availability of the property for the period that interests you. Complete the ""AVAILABILITY REQUEST" with necessary data and send it back to us. 4. You will receive an e mail from indicating the availability of the property that interests you for the period that you have indicated.
How do I make reservations?
5. If the e mail from us confirms the availability of your chosen property you will be given a RESERVATION OPTION which will hold the property for 5 (five) days from the day and hour of the dispatching of the availability confirmation. 6. Within and not beyond this time period, you must send us a DOWN PAYMENT of 30% of the total cost of the rental of the property chosen. This will confirm and validate your reservation. 7. In order to complete the reservation for the property, you must send us the total of the remaining balance AT LEAST 60 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF YOUR ARRIVAL. 8. When we receive your final payment, we will send you a VOUCHER by e mail with all necessary information for your arrival; including maps, addresses, a contact and anything else necessary for taking possession of the property.
If I must cancel my reservation after having sent the DOWN PAYMENT, can I recuperate monies alre
- If the cancellation is made after the payment of 30% (down payment) of the letting price, the amount will not be returned (forfeit of deposit). - If the cancellation is made from the day of payment of balance until 30 days before the start of letting period, the penalty is 60% of the letting price. - If the cancellation is made between 30 and 16 days before the start of the letting period, the penalty is 80% of the letting price. - If the cancellation is made less than 16 days before the start of the letting period, the penalty is 100% of the letting price.
Can I change property choice after my reservation?
It is always possible to change your choice of property. That is, of course, keeping in mind the availability of the property desired. Any possible changes or price variations will be added to the prepaid deposit balance.
How can I pay the deposit and balance of the account?
You can pay by : Bank transfer. Credit card. Fax
Is your on-line credit card payment system secure?
Not only is our credit card payment system secure, it is also the most convenient. By paying with your credit card, we never receive your credit card data and you do not pay a commission charge. You will be immediately provided with two payment notifications---one from your bank and one from our web site--- containing all information concerning the payment ( ex. The amount of payment, date and hour, personal banking information)
Before I book a property, is it possible to speak to someone from the agency?
Of course! Just send us a request in an e mail. Be sure to give us your telephone number, the time difference from Italy ( or location) and the best time to reach you. Our personnel will telephone you and give you any information you wish to have concerning our Company or properties.
Is there a security deposit on arrival?
There is no security deposit due on arrival.
What other expenses are there? Are they obligatory or optional?
Other expenses include electric current charges and final cleaning charges. They are both obligatory (unless otherwise noted).
Who will consign me the property on my arrival?
The voucher that you will receive from us upon final payment, will contain the name and telephone number of the person who will meet you and welcome you. He will accompany you to the property that you have chosen, show the basic workings of said property and , if you wish he can give you advice and suggestions on how to best enjoy your stay with us.
Is baggage handling provided?
Our representative will gladly help you with small suitcases or, if necessary, he will try to find a porter. If you are travelling with large and/or heavy suitcases please notify the agency ahead of arrival so that we can procure a porter. We advise our clients that the Amalfi Coast is not an easy place to move cumbersome baggage and doing so can be very labour intensive. Keep in mind that you may have to carry your own luggage.
Need I bring sheets, towels or other linen?
All of our properties are fully equipped with bedding, towels etc. and hygiene and conditions are carefully monitored. Unless you have some particular need to do so, you need not bring these along. We suggest that you bring a beach towel or, better still, buy one here to save room in your luggage.
Is it easy to find restaurants and supermarkets?
Much will depend on the time and season that you arrive. There are several supermarkets and many restaurants in town. In any case our representative will give you any information necessary for you to organize your first shopping or meal on the Amalfi Coast. If you like we can have some groceries in the house on your arrival.
Is there possibility of home delivery of groceries?
There are many shops that will home deliver; some may charge a modest fee.
How does the cleaning service work?
A paid cleaning service can be arranged at your convenience should you require it during your stay.
What type of electric current is used?
The electric current in Italy is 220 volts. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need current adapters for some personal appliances.
What can you tell me about cars, parking (free and paid)?
Nearby parking conditions and possibilities are mentioned in the description of every property. If you are travelling by car, keep this in mind when choosing your vacation home. In any case, we can find pay parking for your vehicle; the problem could be that the parking spot may not be near the property that you have chosen or, especially during the high season, quite expensive. Don't forget that the Amalfi Coast is a place where the use of a car - especially if it is big - can be very stressful because of the traffic, the difficulty of driving the roads and the fact that most locations, of historic, naturalistic and tourist interest are closed to automobile traffic. If you must rent a car, choose one of small or medium proportions.
Can you arrange transfer for me? will be happy to arrange a car and driver to and from airports, train stations or ports for our clients that request so. All you have to do is ask us in writing ( e mail) at least 15 days before your arrival, stating exact arrival and departure dates and times. Our agent will reply as soon as possible with all necessary information, i.e. availability and costs. On your approval, we will reserve the service for you.
How to get here. You can reach the Amalfi Coast by various methods of transport....airplane, train, automobile, or by sea.
How do I get to the Amalfi Coast by plane?
The nearest airport is Napoli Capodichino.
How far is it to the nearest airport?
Capodichino Airport in Napoli is approximately 70 km away ( +/- 80 minutes by car).
What is the best way to arrive by train?
Perhaps the easiest way to get to the Amalfi Coast by train is from the station in Salerno. From there, there are SITA buses that connect to Amalfi and all other principal towns of the Coast. You will need to change buses in Amalfi if your destination is Positano or Praiano. If you prefer to arrive from Napoli, you will need to take the Circumvesuviano train line from Piazza Garibaldi in Napoli Centrale Station. This train line connects to all locations along the coast from Napoli to Sorrento. The SITA bus line leaves from the piazza in front of the Sorrento Circumvesuviano Station ( the end of the line) connecting to all points along the Amalfi Coast. This method is probably the most convenient for reaching the towns of Positano and Praiano.
What is the best method to get to the Amalfi Coast by car or motorcycle?
Considering the city of Amalfi as the centre of the Amalfi Coast, and using the toll roads to arrive, it is best to exit at Vietri Sul Mare. Arriving from North, you must take the A2 Milano-Napoli highway to the A3 Napoli-Salerno highway and exit at Vietri sul Mare. From here follow the state highway SS163 to Amalfi. Another way to arrive from the NORTH is to follow A1 to A3 Napoli / Salerno. Exit at Castellamare di Stabia ( past Pompei ) and follow for Positano. At Meta di Sorrento turn left and follow SS163 to Positano / Amalfi. If you are arriving from the South, take the Reggio Calabria-Salerno highway direction North, exit at Vietri Sul Mare and follow the state road SS163 toward Amalfi. If you plan on arriving from the East, follow the A16 highway Bari-Napoli, change to the A3 highway, exit at Castellamare di Stabia and follow for Sorrento. Approximately 1 km. from the beginning of Meta turn LEFT for SS163 to Amalfi/ Positano. Follow SS163 all the way to Positano, Praiano or Amalfi.
What is the climate like on the Amalfi Coast?
The climate is among the mildest in Italy. Winters are cool, not freezing and summers are hot, but never sweltering. The mean temperature in January is 10.8C, while July is 24.5C. It is a Maritime climate, temperate and moderately rainy, especially inland. The rainiest periods are Autumn and the beginning of Spring.