Who we are?

Allow us to introduce ourselves for what we are, what we like being.

We are lovers of and in love with a little strip of enchanting coastline called the Amalfi Coast.

We love every little detail of a land that knows how to make itself lovable and unforgettable even in its imperfections. It is a very beautiful place that really doesn't need further presentation.

We would prefer that you come here to discover and to admire it in person, so that we can introduce it to you as only those who love it can do. We feel that it is our unique mission: to open the doors of the most unique and typical homes in this culture that has roots and artistic and architectural traditions that are thousands of years old.

Our little real estate group composed of architects, designers, tourist reception experts and cultural mediation professionals neither wants to nor can offer you just any house or impersonal tourist venue for rent.

Besides you are probably browsing our web site for this very reason...... searching for a house/ refuge where you can rest, relax and live indelible, romantic, serene and special moments with your family and loved ones. A comfortable house- in a renowned place in a magnificent nation- that you hope will be characteristic, rich in atmosphere and opportunities for diversion, pleasure and enjoyment.

The villas and apartments that we have chosen to represent can offer all of this. Every one seems made to measure to meet your expectations to experience, at least once in your lifetime, overlooking the same abyss of sky and sea that- beginning with Ulysses- has enchanted kings, princes, emperors, artists and musicians for centuries.

Typical homes where every care is taken in the details and is rich in the ambience that made the Amalfi coast patrimony of mankind. Houses, villas, and apartments where it is easy for everyone, regardless of budget, to find that little corner of paradise and lose oneself in the infinite little pleasures that only a house on the Amalfi coast can offer.

‘Enjoy life', many of our guests write in the guest books which are found in every one of our houses. This seems to be a priority of most of the people who have stayed in our properties.

‘Enjoy life' isn't something that is easy to do for many people on holiday. In our properties it seems to be something that comes automatically and naturally.

What better guarantee than this?

News from villasamalficoast.com

Dear guests, our agency unlike the other agency has not additional costs.
Other agencies to check in on Sundays after 19:30 pm on weekdays and after 23.00 pm and 2.00 pm they charge an additional fee ranging from 25.00 euros to 40.00 euros.
We always look forward to, at any time and without any cost, always with a smile that distinguishes us.
Our agency organizes free delivery service and spending at home if you prefer we make sure that the owners of delicatessens come to pick you up at home, accompany you to the grocery store.
We have also arranged a free shuttle service with the restaurants,they will come pick you up at home and after lunch or dinner they will accompany you back home.